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Hello and Welcome to the Weddings, Brides, Dresses & More website.


The group was originally created on Facebook in November 2015 to help brides and grooms with all aspects of wedding planning. The group today remains one of the biggest wedding groups on Facebook and continues to strive and support people daily with their wedding requirements. 


This current website has been created in 2018 to merge all our wonderful suppliers into one website which all brides and grooms can access. 


We wish you all the best in planning your wedding!


Behind the scenes, we have a very dedicated admin team who spend hours upon hours ensuring our group remains the best place to go for all things wedding related. Below is a list of our wonderful admin team for you to meet. 

Lucy - Admin

Dani - Admin

Rachael - Admin


  Gemma - WBDM Parenting

Dawn - WBDM Parenting

Nicquina - WBDM Parenting

Shareace - Moderator

Katie - Moderator

Abbie - Moderator

Alyx - Moderator

Jasmine - Moderator

Helen - Moderator


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