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Cake Toppers

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Sweet Little Things (SLT Bakery)

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Complete your cake with a custom made toppers of Bride/groom/children/pets etc. These are created from sugar modelling paste which will last a lifetime if looked after correctly and as it’s made from sugar it’s food safe so can complete your cake perfectly.


Match outfits, uniforms, add personal touches for hobbies or include loved ones such as your children and pets. 

Sugar flowers can be made to decorate your cake in any blooms and colours. 

Page's Personalised Cake Toppers

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Personalised Clay Cake Toppers for Weddings, Birthdays and other special occasions. We make each cake toppers to each individual order and specific requests. We copy as many fine details as possible, from your dress/suit to hair colour and style down your flowers and embellishments. Why not add more of a personalised touch by adding extras such as children, pets, sporting/hobby items or uniforms/occupation props Our cake toppers are made from Polymer, a durable, non toxic clay that turns hard after cooking, so they can be kept as treasured keepsakes, long after your wedding, birthday or special occasion.

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