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Let’s talk cakes! I mean who doesn’t love cake, right? Wedding cakes are changing, people are having bigger and better wedding cakes than ever. So what’s the most popular wedding cake trends of 2018? In 2018 and 2019 we will see the traditional fondant fruit cake being replaced with buttercream coated cakes featuring ganache drips, chocolate sails and fresh flowers. With the rise of textures, paint splatters, watercolour and brushstroke effects, cakes are taking on a whole new role as works of art. Metallic colours such as gold and rose gold are still very on-trend, as are geometric and abstract designs, bringing the traditional wedding cake into the modern world. Cheese wedding cakes have also taken a recent boom in the wedding industry. People are also loving the cupcake wedding cake. Perfect for sharing and can be make to look just like a wedding cake. What wedding cake are you picking? Traditional fruit cake? Or something more modern?

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