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Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon is the wedding gift list service for funding the honeymoon of your dreams. Instead of being given more stuff for your home, you can use your wedding gifts to make your honeymoon happen.


You can include anything you can think of as a gift — from contributions towards your flights or accommodation, to an afternoon swimming with dolphins or wine tasting at a vineyard. You can use the service with any travel operator, for any destination, whether you’ve finalised all your plans or not.


Your guests choose from any of the ideas you’ve listed, and leave you a personal message. They then simply pay the value of their gift to you directly and securely, via the site.


Our service solves the problem of how to ask for cash wedding gifts in a polite and meaningful way. It means that you get the money to help fund your honeymoon, while your guests get to feel that their gift is more than just a number on a cheque.


Less stuff. More memories. Start your free 7-day trial today with no risk, and no obligation.

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