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Giving Notice Of Marriage

When giving notice of marriage it can seem like a daunting thing. When can we do it? What do we need to take? I have compiled this handy paragraph to help with any questions you may have about giving notice of marriage. In order to marry your partner you’ll need to give notice of marriage at your local registry office. This needs to be done via the council that you are living under not the council you wish to marry under, Should you live under a different council they will pass your notice on. This can be done 12 months before your wedding date but has to be done at least 28 days before. Giving notice is just a meeting with a local registrar. They will ask you and your spouse questions about yourself and your spouse. You will both speak with the registrar separately and both be asked questions about the other person such as their D.O.B. It takes about half an hour and costs £35 per person so a total of £70.


When giving notice of marriage they need some supporting documents. These documents can include

* Driving licence

* Birth certificate

* Passport (in date)

* Bill with proof of address on (council tax bill/ tenancy agreement)

* Supporting evidence if not born in the UK but now a UK citizen.

* National identity number

* A decree of absolute (if divorced)

* Death certificate (if widowed)


If you do not have a valid passport and born after 1983 then you will need your mothers birth certificate as well as your own. After you have done this your names go up in the local registry office for 30 days. If no one objects to your marriage then you and your spouse are free to marry.

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