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Questions for Venue

When it comes to your venue, the questions that you need to ask regarding your special day is completely dependent on the day that you are planning as all weddings are unique. It is important that you find out what you want to know about what you feel is important to you and your partners day before you put a deposit down. Some of the most common questions asked before booking include: Is the hotel available on your chosen date?A lot of venues book up quite far in advance as people have started planning their wedding over a longer period of time. Also by asking this you will be able to rule out a venue if the date is something that you don't want to change. Do you have exclusive use? If not who else will be using the venue? Some venues can hold more than one wedding/event at the same time. If this is your venue, it will be a good idea to see how this effects the timing of your day and also where about in the venue the other event is. How many guests can the venue accommodate? Many venues have a limit on the total number of guests that can attend a wedding therefore you need to be aware of this before you create your guest list. However it is also important to note that some venues have a minimum number of guests too! Is there anywhere to get ready on the morning of the wedding? If you are planning on getting ready at the venue then it is best to see if they have the space and what that space is like and if it fulfills your needs. What areas of the venue do we use? Some venues have specific areas for weddings and different areas for each part of your day. These areas are covered under the hire fee. Not all areas of a venue is licensed for ceremonies either. These questions will help you decide if the venue is really for you or if you are going to have to compromise on anything that you and your partner had planned. Once you have chosen your venue it is important that you find out some information that will help the planning of your day to run smoothly. This includes: Finding out who your point of contact at the venue is? This is the person that you will ask most if not all of your questions too! They will also help your day run smoothly and will help you have a more personal relationship with your wedding venue. What the timing of the day are and if these can be changed? Many venues have the timings for weddings already planned so if you want a specific time it's a good idea to make sure they can accommodate this before your plans get underway. When can suppliers get access? A lot of wedding venues have multiple weddings especially at the weekends and therefore this will determine when suppliers can get in to set up. Many suppliers won't need this information till about 8 weeks before. Every wedding is unique and therefore everyone will have various different questions that they want to ask their venue. Some other factors to consider when planning your day include: Is the venue child friendly? Some venues, particularly historical type venues, aren't too keen on children running around the venue so it's best to check their policy. Also if you are having a substantial number of children it would be a good idea to check there is enough high chairs if they are required. Are fireworks/confetti allowed? Some venues don't allow fireworks to be used, especially if the hotel is in a residential area. Also confetti is often only allowed if it's biodegradable. Can Dietary requirements be met? Most venues are able to cater to different Dietary requirements but it's important to let your venue know as soon as possible. The above is a number of questions that can be asked when planning your special day however it is not exhaustive. They can help for as basis for you and your partner to develop and come up with questions that are important for your wedding day.

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