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Wedding Planning Timeline

So he’s popped the question, and you’ve said “Yes!!!!”… What next?

Obviously shout it from the rooftops, tell everyone you know and flash the bling to anyone who will let you! Once that’s done the planning can commence, Yay!

BUDGET. Its always a good idea to get a rough idea of how much you want to spend as well as how much you think you can save, talk to parents if they’re contributing too, that way when it comes to suppliers you will know how much you have a available for each service.

Then what you ask? Talk to your fiancé about venue styles, get an idea for each others wedding vibes, go on a few visits you’ve got the golden (ring) ticket now so enjoy those tours and figure out what you both love. Now is also a good idea to make a rough guest list, you don’t want to fall in love with a venue and find they cant accommodate your nearest and dearest.
Once you’ve found your dream venue, nows the time to discuss dates. What dates does the venue have available? How long do you need to save for your wedding? What time of year do you both want to get married? Once you’ve answered all those questions the date can be set! OMG S*&T just got real, you’re officially getting married! 

Next up… Bridal party, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, witnesses? Who do you want to take part in your special day, its a good idea to think about your budget during these selections as you may or may not be choosing to pay for all of the wedding attire for them, suits, dresses, hair, makeup?

Ok so now we get onto the timeline part,

12-18 Months Before:
Research potential photographers, florists, invitations, cakes, decor, music hair and makeup (visit lots of wedding fairs, if you book on the day or mention the fair you usually get a bit of discount, win win!)
Give notice of marriage and book your registrar/church
Consider wedding insurance
Decide on entertainment, do you want a band a DJ or both? [Remember the Budget]
Once you’ve researched all your potential suppliers, now is a good time to also book them, if you’re set on someone they can get booked quickly, 12 months in advance is usual in the wedding industry, sometimes 18 months if the supplier is super popular.

THE DRESS! You’ve got the ring, go try on some fabulous dresses, don’t rule any styles out and you could end up wearing once that you would have never dreamt of, I would advise to only take a few people with you as it can all be a bit overwhelming with lots of opinions. 

Save the dates, send them if you’re getting married on a popular date when people may be away of if you’re planning to get married abroad, this gives people time to research flights etc.

If you have selected the bridal party but not asked them, nows the time.

8-10 Months Before

Book your entertainment
Research accommodation if you have out of town guests, its always nice to provide a list for non local people.
Contact any decoration companies, you might like the light up LOVE letters or a photobooth etc.
Honeymooning? Get yourself to the travel agent and book that baby!
Order your wedding cake, don’t forget you can have tastings for your cake |(my fave bit)

6-8 Months Before
Order your wedding dress, under 6 months may incur rush order charges unless you buy off the peg 
Book any ceremony musicians you may want for, I.e a harpist or pianist perhaps.
Check your passports are up to date and have a reasonable amount of time left on them (you don’t need to change your name if you book your holiday in your maiden name)
Plan those stag and hen parties (or make the sure the best man and maid of honour are on top of it all)

4-6 Months Before 
Choose bridesmaid dresses and the mens suits 
Order your invitations and any other stationary
Meet with your chosen florist to discuss all your options, remember to take into account the time of year and what flowers may or may not be available, if you go with seasonal flowers they may be cheaper as they don’t need to be imported.
Decide on any readings, prayers hymns and music for your ceremony/service
Arrange travel vaccinations if you need them for either a destination wedding or your honeymoon
Organise wedding transport
Organise and book hair and makeup, also booking your trials at the same time

2-3 Months Before
Send invites out, ask for RSVPS to be returned 4-3 weeks before the wedding, this gives people 2 months to send them back which is ample amount of time.
Attend dress fittings
Choose and order your wedding rings and other wedding jewellery, necklace, earrings new watch for the husband to be?
Organise gifts for the bridal party as thank yous
Buy your shoes and wear them round the house to break them in
Remember to order all other accesories, hair pieces, bowties/ties.
Organise flower girl and page boy outfits (they grow so fast its best to leave it this late unless you have your heart set on a certain style then buy the next size up and get them altered if buying in advance)
Have a menu tasting with your venue if they offer one

4 Weeks Before… so exciting!
Have your final dress fitting
Make any last minute supplier adjustments
Finalise your ceremony details and plans, including music list
Complete any of your wedding DIY bits
Review your final RSVP list and chase up any missing ones

2 Weeks Before… OMG
The nerves may be kicking in but they will completely vanish as soon as you see that face at the other end of the aisle!
Deliver your must have shot list to your photographer and make sure they capture those all important images for you, its also a good idea to give the list to a bridesmaid and a groomsmen who know the majority of guests so they can help organise as the photographer is likely to not have a clue who these people are!
Give the final head count to your venue/caterer
Create your table plan

1 Week Before… It’s all feeling pretty real now!
Don't Stress!!
Print out placards if you haven’t used a supplier
Call and confirm all wedding suppliers
Get a manicure, pedicure, any waxing and tinting and a massage plus your hair done, you deserve it, wedding planning is tough!
Pack an overnight bag for your venue and pack for you honeymoon!

2-3 Days Before… Try to Sleep, no matter how excited you are!
Make last minute table plan changes if needed
Pick up any suits and make sure they fit, a last minute dash to get trousers the day before the wedding because the groom ate too much over Christmas is not good (trust me!)
Confirm pick up times with the car company 
Reconfirm all vendors and print of a couple of sheets with supplier numbers and details for trustworthy bridal party members to hold onto.
Get travel money for honeymoon

The Day Before… Have a fabulous day tomorrow!
Drop off all decorations, place cards, table plans to the reception coordinator
Give all suppliers an emergency number (trustworthy bridesmaid or groomsmen again)
Sort out payments, write cheques or draw out cash
Get a good nights sleep, its a long day tomorrow and you’re going to look fabulous!

Choose people to converse with certain suppliers
Introduce said people to the suppliers so you don’t have to stress
Have the best day ever!!

After The Wedding… you did it, congratulations!

Prearrange for someone to return any rented items, to get the dress dry cleaned
Write and send thank you cards to guests and vendors 

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