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Wedding Trends


Traditionally a white dress is worn on the wedding day, which came from Queen Victoria in 1840 as being the first to wear a white dress on her wedding day.

Nowadays it is become more popular to wear a variety of colours, giving brides to be a whole other level of decision making! Some times it is just a splash of colour against the traditional white,

giving the hint of individuality, other times the dress

may be a spectrum of colours which is really striking.

trend dress.jpg
trend decor.jpg
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It is becoming more popular for couples to really incorporate their own interests into their wedding day, which makes sense it is a day all about them after all! From Harry Potter and The Avengers, to Star Wars and The Nightmare Before Christmas, there really is no limit as to where you can take your decor ideas.

Balloons are becoming more widely used in the venue decor, as they add movement to the room, as well as potentially being cheaper, certainly when compared to real flowers. Again, it’s what is right for each couple and what make their day special for them.

Bridal Bouquet:

While traditionally a bouquet of various flowers are used, usually tying in with the colour scheme of the wedding, recently single stemmed bouquets are gaining in popularity. This may be due to the statement and simplicity they offer, as well as not risking them taking away from the design of the dress. It could also link in with the rising trend of colourful dresses- with the statement being made there, there isn’t need for an overwhelming bouquet as well.


In addition to this, buttons, feathers and even paper arrangements, are becoming popular alternatives to flowers being used in a bouquet.

trend bouquet.jpg
trend entertainment.jpg


After the ceremony comes the celebration and the time for everyone to have fun. In order to achieve this, couples are becoming more and more inventive with ways to keep their guests entertained. There is almost a competition to see who can provide the best entertainment at their wedding, and with so many ideas to choose from couples are constantly ramping up the challenge. We have seen magicians, bouncy castles, tribute acts and the humble DJs. Therefore the entertainment element of the wedding can be come quite costly, so it’s important to remember to stick to your budget and be imaginative with the resources you have, don’t stress about comparing to other weddings- make your day about you and your partner!

For example, lots of couples hire out photo booths for their guests to use and take silly photos. Whilst these are certainly entertaining, they can add several hundreds pounds onto your budget! So, alternatively why not buy your own props online and set up a table with them on and get people to take photos of each other- that’s a job for your bridal party! Voila!-  you’ve got a very similar affect at a fraction of the price!

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